Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creative photo display ideas?

Like every new mom, I'm obsessed with taking photos of my baby and showing them off to anyone who will look. My tribute to Connor at work is getting a little out of hand already! (I didn't do that desktop photo though. That was my coworker's idea to welcome me back after maternity leave)
To the left of my computer, I started adding more and more photos each week as I pick my favorites. I think it's getting a little crazy and I need a way to display them in an organized way. (Remember, I work in a cube with gray fabric walls, so it's not like I can do all this crazy stuff in there.) I had fun doing some internet browsing one night for some ideas.

Here's what I found and PLEASE leave me some comments with your ideas as well!

I figured I'd see a lot of versions of the clothespin displays. It's easy and cheap!

Ribbon Wall
Photos on ribbons is a good idea! Wouldn't it be nice if I could have the cupcake tower at work too?

Gutter Topper
This caught my eye because it was made from gutter toppers. I don't think that's the technical name because I'm not sure what they are and I frequent Home Depot a lot. Still, it's a very interesting idea that looks great.

Not appropriate for work, but I still loved the idea!

Silver Clips
This caught my eye because these silver clips from Ikea look like binder clips. And binder clips are very work-friendly, right?

This is really creative! It takes up a lot of space, but it would be fun if I had a big open wall.

Cable Display
This was a Pottery Barn knock-off idea that looks really nice. I like that they used it for kids' artwork too!
So what display ideas have you tried in your house or at work?


  1. Hi, Lisa! The silver clips look great in reality as well. Thanks for visiting my happy entry way :)

  2. i like the silver clips for work or a home office. perfect. and cute. and probably inexpensive. at work, i have all old photos up of Lovie- from like her first 6 months. after that, it got to be too much so i started hanging one big one as you enter my cube (also gray fabric cube wall). they have us these pins that go into the fabric that have a clip (white) so that's what i hang them with. every week i put up a new photo (usually printed on the black and white printer in my cube)- but i keep all the photos clipped so you could see more if you want. i've had people comment and look thru the pictures a couple times. i'd love more but it's just too much. plus i also have started putting up some of her artwork....

  3. These are a collection of great ideas. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I'm your newest follower. Stop back over any time.

  4. Okay. I am absolutely no help. I have framed pictures everywhere but they take up so much space. I like the digital frame that my MIL had but I've heard of them catching on fire before so that freaks me out a little. I LOVE the binder clip idea, especially for an office display! So cute!

  5. I'm all for the clothespin ideas!

  6. Love the tree. Thanks for sharing these great ideas at Bacon Time.

  7. Oh how fun is that! I love the ribbon wall but that would probably be more of a hm thing. The clothes pin & the binder clip looking one looks like it would be perfect for work.

    I love your co-worker did that, to stinking cute!

  8. Thanks for these awesome ideas! I linked to this post through one of your photos at I think I will make my own wire photo display this week! Thanks again!


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