Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Sew a Chevron Vinyl Diaper Changing Pad / Play Mat

Newborn diaper changes are messy and they happen way too often.  If you have to change 10+ diapers a day, you might at well make it a little more fun by having a cute diaper changing area to do it on.  I found this adorable vinyl fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to buy some for a fun craft.  

I tend to change diapers in our bedroom since it's the easiest for me and a little mat for the area would be a huge help to keep things clean.  I used to use an old hospital pad for the changing area, so I copied those measurements for my pad which was about 18" x 26".  I bought double that size so I could have vinyl on the front and back of the mat.

The vinyl is somewhat thick, but I wanted to make it a little stiffer, so I ironed interfacing on both sides of the pad.  You have to be careful not to melt your vinyl, but I put the iron on a medium setting and it worked great.

Basically, I just made the pad like a pillow, so I put wrong sides together and sewed around 3 sides.  The vinyl is a little harder to work with because it's a little sticky and thick, but it was workable.

I left the 4th side open.

Then I turned the fabric right side out and pressed all the edges flat using my hands.

Again, this was not the most simple thing to do with thick vinyl, but I pinned the 4th side closed and sewed it on the machine.

Caylee tried out her new mat later that day!

It also worked really well as a play mat especially if you have a baby that likes to spit up!

 My little model likes to move, but she's cute!

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