Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tweed fabrics for fall

Nothing screams fall more than tweed in warm colors. As much as I hate fall, I have to accept that it's slowly getting colder. But you know what that means? Time for a new fall bag! Tweed bags have been on my mind lately, so I finally found a great one for a good price.

So what is TWEED? Here is the definition from Encyclopedia Britannica:

Any of several fabrics of medium-to-heavy weight, rough in surface texture, and produced in a great variety of colour and weave effects largely determined by the place of manufacture. The descriptions “Scottish,” “Welsh,” “Cheviot,” “Saxony,” “Harris,” “Yorkshire,” “Donegal,” and “West of England,” for example, cover an extremely wide range of woolen and mixture cloths. Most tweeds are made entirely of wool; but an increasing number consist of blends of wool and cotton, wool and rayon, or wool and man-made fibres, each of which imparts a special property.

Wow, this brings me back to the days of my apparel & textiles classes in college!

Some things that have inspired my recent purchase:

Chanel Classic Handbag With Flap
Tory Burch Tweed 'Nico' Tote

And some clothing inspiration:
So how do you wear tweed without looking too nerdy or going overboard? Check out these tips.
  • Tweed looks best in small doses: a close-fitting jacket, a pair of cute pumps or a bag.
  • The older you are, the less tweed you should wear. Sounds cruel, but this familiar fabric conjures up images of matrons.
  • Don't wear your tweed literally --like with matching skirt-- for the most interesting looks. Instead, pair with denim, a flirty skirt or a bright pair of cords.
  • Splash in plenty of color: tweed carries lots of hues in its weave, so pick an accent color and go with it as a top, scarf or accessory.
  • Play with other textures to complement and soften the tweed. With a tweed jacket, pair a silky camisole. With tweed pumps, pair a gossamer skirt.

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