Monday, September 14, 2009

You've got mail (boxes)

Wanna see the beautiful mailbox on our house?So yes, we do need a new one. Here are some ideas I found, so tell me what you think. Here's our house from the front. We put on brushed nickel locks and will be buying matching sconces for the exterior lights.
Ace Hardware has this white one with a brushed silver medal for $33.99.

This one from Lowe's is black with a satin nickel lid and decorative medal for $29.97.

Should we go with plain black or white from Home Depot with this one for $34.97?

Plain white with a traditonal style border from Home Depot for $15.98?

Restoration Hardware has this one in satin nickel for $89.00.

This one from Lumens comes in black and stainless steel, but is it too modern for our house?

I found this one on Ebay, but it might be a little too flimsy since it's $19.95.

This one from Bellacor is really pretty, but yikes, $171.50 for a mailbox!

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  1. I like the first two, and the white traditional one from Home Depot. Those are good choices, IMO, but I prefer traditional and classic styles. I think the Lumens one is neat, but it'll look really dated on your house sooner rather than later.


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