Sunday, October 11, 2009

Am I a crazy painter?

So we're been busy painting our family room and I just pulled the blue tape off for the big reveal.  It was little uneven in areas where the paint soaked through.  After all this hard work that's going into the family room makeover, I want it to look perfect.

My crazy solution: a very thin art brush to correct lines.  Am I crazy to go around the entire room, 3 doors, and lots of detail areas just to get it looking perfect?

Strangely enough, I got a calm feeling from doing this...

Please tell me someone else has done this!


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  2. Girl you are not alone! I have done the same thing. I understand you completely wanting it to look PERFECT! Can't wait to see your pics:)


  3.'re only a little crazy. :-) Wanna come over and paint for me sometime?


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