Monday, October 31, 2011

Planning for the holidays

I can't believe it's already getting to that time! I try to get holiday planning done early so I'm not stressed when it gets closer. Also, Hanukkah tends to be earlier in December (or even November sometimes) so I like to start early. Luckily, this year Hanukkah is late so we have more time to enjoy the holidays and get in the holiday spirit.

I'm super excited to send out our first-ever photo cards showing off our new little bundle of joy! I've been racking my brain trying to come up with some fun photo ideas. What mom doesn't love taking tons of pics of their little one and dressing them up in cute outfits?

Because we're a mixed religion household, it can be hard to find cards that all our family & friends can enjoy. However, Shutterfly has a lot of options that I really love. I'm thinking about one of the holiday cards from here such as:

And while I'm ordering, I may have to get a cute photo calendar for my desk at work because a mom can never have too many photos of her baby! If I have to be back at work, I need to have lots of pics of the little guy around me.
Just to make things even easier, I'm thinking about buying some personalized photo gifts this year for family & friends. I gave a few of these out last year and everyone loved them!

What kind of holiday cards are you planning to send out?


  1. I am sure ANY card with that adorable baby on it will be perfect! I think I am going to order my cards from They have the most unique cards I have seen to date. I am really a fan of the photo booth style.

  2. I just thought of you when I saw this deal!


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