Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Sew Childrens' Mitten Clips

If you've got young kids, you probably deal with missing mittens and gloves all winter long.  I really didn't think I'd have this problem with a 16 month old, but a little toddler is not really ready to keep track of his own mittens at daycare!  Anyway, these old school mitten clips I made him have made my life a lot easier and I'm not freaking out about missing mitten every other day.  Once I made a set for him, I'm happy to say we haven't lost a mitten since!

This whole thing took me about 15 minutes - max!  I cut out a long piece of fabric that was about 3 in. x 16 in.  I folded it in half longways and ironed the crease. (You could also use ribbon to avoid doing the fabric and ironing, but I feel like fabric is a little better for a rough boy!)

Once the fabric cools, fold both ends towards the middle crease that you just made and iron again.  Now you have a thin piece with the unfinished ends hidden.

Pin the fabric strip along the edge and sew the edge to close it.

Once the strip is sewn closed, I cut it in half so I had two shorter 8 inch pieces.

I bought 4 mitten clips at the fabric store.  They're usually located near the sewing supplies like needles, snaps, and zippers and come in sets of two.

Wrap the end of each strip around the mitten clip and fold the unfinished end under.

The length of the fabric really depends on the age of your child and how long you think would work best.  Since my son is still pretty young, I made the straps really short and cut off the excess fabric.

After pinning the fabric, I sewed each side on the machine.  It's a little tricky to get the tiny pieces to go through the machine, but I got it to work.

Super easy and they're so cute!

Here's my little model showing off his new mitten clips! 
Aren't kids with mittens adorable?


  1. my coworker was just lamenting that her child refuses to wear his gloves! this is a good solution (and oh my gosh, he's so big!) and so cute!

  2. this is a brilliant idea! never mind toddlers, I need a pair of these!!

  3. What an excellent idea! I'm making this tomorrow. Thx for the tip

  4. Very cute! I keep telling myself I should make these, and then never doing it. Looks so fast I should really get to it!

  5. Thats such a good idea, and looks quick. I'm thinking I have some clips from suspenders that I can repurpose.
    Yay! No more lost mittens!

  6. YES! I need mitten clips! Well, not ME, but my kiddos. :)

    I'd love if you shared this at my Show & Tell party this week.

  7. Oh my goodness! He has gotten so big!

  8. Girl you rock you know that, right? Freaking cute!


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