Friday, August 7, 2009

Pretty Paper!

Being a graphic designer, fun graphics are always catching my eye. Even if you aren't in the industry, you can pretend to be!

HELLO My name is Heather has some really pretty pinwheels you can make using patterned paper form her collection. The template is free!

These colorful calling cards are perfect if you don't have a business card. Thanks to Cottage Industrialist for the freebie!

Thanks to mmmcrafts for this colorful free card. Love the graphics on this!

I've been using this HP template website since I was in high school. It's kind of fun to see how much the website has evolved in the last 10 years! There are those days when you need a birthday or thank you card ASAP and don't have time to stop. Print one out for free!

Make your own gift box for favors or gifts! Melissa has a free template here.

These cute invites and envelopes are unique and you can download and print your own at home! If you're feeling adventurous, edit them and put your own spin on them. Thanks Penelope for this awesome freebie!

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