Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wall art

Wall art should be unique. You don't want someone to walk into your house and see the same thing hanging that they saw on display at Target last week. I've collected some creative examples of ways to make your wall art different and unique to show off your personality.

Use vintage items as frames. Scan your old family photos and glue or decoupage them on to vintage pieces.

Ceiling tiles and rosettes are lightweight and easy to hang. Use spray paint to change the color to match your room.

Use illustrations from a book and put them in different sized frames.

Enlarge copy from an old book. After trimming the pages close to the text, glue the papers to a large piece of canvas. Cut colorful tissue paper into irregular shapes. Using glue diluted 3:1 with water and a wide paintbrush, affix the tissue-paper shapes to the canvas. When the tissue gets wet from the glue, the words show through.

Display multiple greeting cards and spray mount them onto foam core for a 3-D look.

Frame a piece of embroidered fabric or a quilt.

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