Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog advertising?

How do you feel about advertisements on blogs?

Do you notice them? Do you avoid blogs that have giant ads all over them? Do you support other bloggers who try to make some extra money from ads?

As of now, I have chosen NOT to have ads on my blog because that's not what blogging is about, IMO. My blog was about searching for happiness and sharing my creativity with all of you. There have been times when people have asked me about advertising and I turned them down just for this reason. Maybe one day I'll change my mind, but for now, it's all ME : )

Every blogger has the choice about whether they want to have ads on their personal blog. I understand that everyone has their own opinions and they choose what they think will work best for them.

Please share your opinions!


  1. I kept my blog for a year with the same feeling...that I just wanted to blog. I now have adsense and to be honest, it is quite fun to watch grow. I dont believe that the ads are offensive on my blog, they dont overwhelm and I still gain followers since the addition of adsense. As long as they are not taking over the blog and overwhelming or obnoxious I dont see a problem with them. Have a look at my blog and see. You also have a choice of how many, where they are positioned, what topics you will not allow or will allow etc. You will know when you hit a greedy blog and the writer is completely discredited. Then you will know when you hit a blogger who gets a few days of groceries paid through the blog every few months. Blessings to you,

  2. Ads on the sides, or the occasional "thank you wonderful sponsors!" posts are ok, but I avoid blogs that are primarily ads, talking about deals, all giveaways, or start every post with a "hey check out this awesome blah... back to the crafting...."

    To sum up- if they don't annoy you by getting in the way of what you want to blog, they probably won't annoy us! <3

  3. Advertising doesn't really bother me, unless it's all you see. Although, I do hate those ones that block part of the screen like a pop-up that you can't get rid of. I added AdSense a few months ago. I haven't really made any $ off of it, but it's there anyway. As long as a blog has substance and isn't just there to have advertising on it, I don't mind it.

  4. oh my gosh, i HATE those pop up ones, i can barely see the blog i've come to look at! i would definitely do a thanking the sponsers post about once a month, and any time you get a new one clearly do a post about them.

    you lucky duck-i don't know what i'd do, since no one has approached me about sponsoring. womp womp! guess i could do adsense...never really looked into it.

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  6. I don't mind advertising on other people's blogs. I don't know that I would ever choose it on a large scale for my blog. I'm pretty small right now anyway. I wouldn't be opposed to link or button swapping!

  7. I'm on the fence still. I don't currently have advertising on Modern Country Style but I'm not against the idea. I just haven't found the right way to do it.

    The photos in the post below of you are GORGEOUS!! And your bump is LOVELY!!!

    I'm still soooo pleased for you.


  8. I didn't have ads on my blog until I found out that places like adsense and amazon associates would pay you for people clicking and buying. Not the reason why I blog, but with the economy the way it is a few dollars here and there can make a difference to my pocketbook.

    I try to make sure that the ads are in the side column so not to interfere with the blog post itself and if I advertise something in a post, it is only if I really endorse the product or website. I try to mark the post in a way that people know it is an ad or product endorsement so they can choose whether or not to read it.

  9. I'm with you on this one! Sometimes blogs just become too busy with all the ads and then you lose the real sense of what it's all about. Clearly it's a business for some. For me, it's about sharing what I love.

  10. I am totally on the fence. I have some affiliate links and do some "advertising" with the products I receive fro free. A small amount of advertising does not bother me, but I have seen a few blogs recently that have flashing banners - the same ones in 4 different places - I barely know what I am looking at.

  11. I agree 100%-- tried the advertising, felt bad, removed them. All better now. :-)


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