Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cotton Ruffle Scarf

I keep a record of all my favorite crafts that I see on blogs and then I can go back to look through them when I need a new project. I saw this cute ruffle scarf on 3 Punk Mom back in November and finally had some time to try it. I love scarves that are not too thick so they work all year long. My scarf came our super cute and I love how the ruffles go all the way around!

I did a little fashion show for the Hubby and Kitty felt left out...
And my stupid faces...
My mini baby bump : )
He loves to take pictures of me when I look stupid.
These are totally embarrassing, but hey, I'm feeling gutsy today!
I'm a dork!


  1. great scarf! i saw that tutorial too and book marked it-thanks for reminding me-still love it!

  2. This turned out great! Saw this on Rook 17. Too cute!

  3. Love the scarf! It's all good. We like dorks at my house!!

  4. Great scarf, love the color you chose!

  5. Cute scarf! Great job and great photos! Thanks for stoppin by my blog, hope to get to know you better here in blogland!

  6. A cute dork! Love the mini bump that I can't even see :).

    LOVE the scarf

  7. Love the scarf and the cute baby bump. =)

  8. you are some talent .. that scarf looks super cool! Wish I knew how to make those ...
    PS: My hubby too likes to take silly pictures of mine .. like when am thinking hard .. or i am scratching my head.. or i am trying to chop something badly .. or i am just lost :)

  9. The pictures are cute - and so is the scarf! I love the lightweightness of it, too. Oh, and I'm loving the gray color! By the way, your cat looks a lot like mine (from the side at least).

  10. You're so cute!!!! I love the scarf and I love the monochromatic look you've got goin' on! Thanks for letting me know about it :)

  11. That is super cute! I want to make one of those! Thanks for link! Those pictures are cute and fun!

  12. Love the scarf! Love the pics :)

  13. Lisa, I love your scarf, and your sassy pictures too! You're always so creative, fun, and make me feel inspired to try whatever you're making!

    Thank you for always being a part of "A Little Birdie Told Me..."


  14. I love scarves and ruffles, so this is a winning combination for me! ... Ok, this is my third comment in a row. I think I better become a follower now! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  15. I love ruffles and scarves and kitties! lol You did a beautiful job and you are so pretty/just so cute! :)


  16. Cute scarf! I love these photos - you look like you are having fun!


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