Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Handprint & footprint crafts?

We all know how tiny and adorable little feet and hands are. So I figured I should capture these little memories before they grow to be huge!

Please share your hand and footprint crafts and keepsakes with me.
I'd love to try a few and maybe make some cute gifts for the holidays!

Connor has exact replicas of my hands - long, skinny and the exact same shape of nails!

And Daddy's large feet...will he beat Daddy's size 13 shoes?

Thanks for your help! : )


  1. I just did a post on my blog recently that you might like... http://imprintalish.blogspot.com/2011/08/who-needs-paintbrush.html

    We also did this with our little guys here...

    It's so much fun to look back at the size of their handprints as they get older!

  2. there are SO MANY great hand/foot print ideas on Pinterest. really. you will LOVE Pinterest (it's great for craft ideas). if you need an invite, let me know. xoxo

  3. The paint your own pottery place in our town offers a free handprint tile to new moms. I haven't tried it yet, but may be headed there soon.

  4. Such sweet pictures!! We didn't do anything major. We did do those little plaste stepping stones for outside with their handprints, but that's it. I love all the cute things they have at te pottery places. I'd do one for every holiday: ghosts from footprint, turkey from handprint, reindeer footpring, etc. So sweet!

    I also love the photos of wedding rings on the baby's toes. SO CUTE! I agree with the above too - check Pinterest!

  5. I can't take credit for this craft, but one of the NICU nurses made ink blot of my daughters feet the day she was born. She is now 2.5 and I just amazed by how tiny she was.



  6. Lisa, this is one project that I wish I had started when my girls were infants: http://6dukes.blogspot.com/2011/05/handprints.html

  7. So sweet!! I did silhouettes of my son's profile, hands and feet. Here's the post if you'd like to try it. It was a very easy project to do. http://vintagemellie.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-heart-silhouettes.html

  8. wow what amazing photos! beautiful boy!

  9. I just love baby feet...so sweet!
    Here's a link to a project our family did a few weeks ago, It might be fun for you too!



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