Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY Wedding Shower Ideas

My sister is getting married in a couple months, so I've been busy crafting and helping her with all things creative for the wedding.

For her shower, I designed these umbrella invitations and backed them in different colored pieces of cardstock because I couldn't decide on just one!

I think people get worn out of the usual guest books and giving the couple advice about being married. I wanted to make it more fun for everyone and I hope that my sister and her soon-to-be husband will be able to look back and laugh at this. I was really lucky to find this cute pink binder for super cheap and I added the little umbrella image I used on the invites.
I created a Mad Libs-style letter for each guest to fill out. Everyone seemed to have a great time combining some funny comments with the happy well wishes.

And since I was busy crafting, I figured I'd make her a little book to write down all her gifts she received from her showers and wedding. (She actually gave me a little book for my wedding, so it was kinda fun to give one to her as well.) I bought a little blank book and then found some pretty pink heart fabric to sew a cover for it. I also found this adorable little "I Do" iron-on applique and added that to the cover.

And well...might as well use up the extra fabric I had left and make her a little tag with her name on it! Tutorial for the embroidered fabric luggage tag coming soon!
It was a really fun shower to plan and I hope she enjoyed it!


  1. how adorable are those umbrellas with the kitcheny stuff!? where'd you come up with that?

  2. This is super cute, you should put a link to the madlib, I love it!

  3. there is no doubt she loved it all! You are so crafty! I wish I knew someone getting married right now to do something!

    I think the mad lib idea is the best! LOVE it!!!

  4. Love the MadLib idea! Totally stealing it!

  5. You are so creative! The invitations and the book are adorable. LOVE the hand embroidered luggage tag and the mad libs are genius! So much fun! I know she will love it all! Just precious!

  6. What adorable ideas! I really like the madlibs style advice book. You did a great job.


  7. Nice idea & post..I like it..thanks for sharing dear..

  8. Really fun ideas! I love the umbrella!


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