Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Little Pleasures - Summer Edition

Another feel-good post to remind myself of some of the happy things in my life...
Bare feet
But only pretty ones...You know you've seen some nasty ones out there! I love when it's sandal season. Socks suck, so I'm into flats and sandals as soon as possible and I'm the last one in the fall to go back to boots. At work, I take off my shoes and walk around barefoot just because I can.

The refresh option on the dryer
This is an amazing invention. When I met Hubby, he got me into ironing. He ironed everything! I never really touched an iron unless I needed it badly. So the more he got me into it, the more I felt I needed it. I air-dry most of my clothes so they're extra wrinkled once they dry. I used to spend hours watching tv while I ironed my clothes...until we got our new washer/dryer with this convenient function! I pop all my wrinkled clothes in for about 10 minutes and they come out almost wrinkle-free! A few things might still need a quick iron, but it's way less time-consuming than before.
This adorable smiling face
No explanation needed. You know why.

A good doughnut
When you're having a bad day at work, nothing can cheer you up like a freebie doughnut someone brought in. Yum.

Birds singing
I absolutely love that sound in the morning. Hearing it makes me think of summers growing up. I live in the same neighborhood I grew up in so it's that exact same sound I used to hear as a kid. I felt so strange in college when I didn't hear that noise in the morning!

What are you happy little pleasures for summer?


  1. I definitely need a Refresh option! I spend too much time ironing.

  2. that donut is too true! at my work, it applies to anything someone puts on the kitchen table.

    hmm, i think it's hard for me to come up with happy little pleasures in summer. now fall, on the other hand? millions!

  3. Yes bare feet... I love walking around barefoot and Im often the only one wearing flip flops in the winter! I never iron!

  4. What a fun list! I love my own bare feet =)


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