Friday, September 17, 2010

What I Love Right Now...

Another feel good post to make myself remember the happy little pleasures in life when I had a really difficult week at work. On a good note, I'm off work today to relax and do whatever I want!

Back in January, I was trying to run at the gym and I struggled BAD. I could hardly go more than a few minutes without stopping. On Valentine's Day, I ate a huge breakfast and then headed over to the gym. I was SHOCKED that I ran an 11 minute mile without stopping. From then on, it just kept progressing and my times kept getting better. Through the ups and downs of the spring and summer, I kept pushing myself. I recently completed my first 5k and that was a huge accomplishment for me!

Fashionable Cleaning
Who actually likes cleaning? NO ONE. But we all have to do it. So why not make it more fun? I always get a little extra joy out of cleaning with my cute gloves on...and my skin doesn't get so dry either. See the tutorial here.

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Peanut Butter
Peanut butter and I have a weird relationship. Let's just say I had a traumatizing experience with PB& J as a kid (long story, but I'll tell you all if you want later) so I avoided it at all costs. The only time I would eat it is in cookies, cakes, or mixed with chocolate. A few weeks ago, I was cooking with it (to mix with chocolate of course) and I licked the knife when I was done. Wait, it's not so I spread some on a slice of bread and ate it. Wow, it was good! I've been missing out! So now I'm on a PB kick and eating it all the time to make up for 28 years of hiding from it!

Purring Kitty
I could listen to that all day long. So calming and restful...

Makeup that actually covers
Fertility treatments and hormone craziness has taken a toll on my face. BADLY. I was embarrassed that I had new zits popping up all day at work and I looked like I was 16 again. No makeup would cover them and stay put all day. If it did stay put, it made me break out. Then one day at the mall, my mom suggested I try something new. I usually would have said no right away because it was so expensive, but I gave it a try. What a difference! And I use so little that it won't end up costing me any more than my old stuff!

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Reality TV
Maybe I am just crazy reality tv junkie, but who cares? I'm not afraid to admit that I am obsessed with these shows. From MTV to Bravo to E! to A&E, I can spend hours watching my favorite shows.

So share your happy pleasures with me. What is making you happy today?


  1. Awesome on the running!! Isn't it great when you can SEE the improvement!!

    Peanut butter! It's the best in the whole wid world. I've never "got" people who don't like it. So glad you've left the dark side to join forces with the good guys!

    This cool weather makes me sooo happy! :)

  3. Hi there,

    New follower from New Friend Fridays. Love this post, so lovely and inspirational. It makes us all cherish the little things that puts a smile on our faces.

    Great blog you have here.

    The Things We Find Inside

  4. Hi there,

    I love your the posts, everything about it. So even as a new follower, I've decided to pass an award on to you. You can find it on my page.


  5. reality tv, how addictive!!

    Peanut butter is like heaven in my mouth! :P

  6. Is that a picture of your cat?? :)


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