Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

My friend over at The Cape on the Corner inspired me to join in on the Thankful Thursdays posts. As I've said in the past, I have a hard time being positive and usually focus on the negatives in my life. That's why this blog is called The Pursuit of Happiness and it helps to remind me what makes me happy.

There are the obvious things to be thankful for like family, friends, etc, but what about all the little things that keep you going? So here's a few things I'm thankful for this week:

1. Pumpkin anything

As much as I hate fall because it turns into winter, I love pumpkins. Pumpkin-flavored food gets me so excited and I love picking out the perfect pumpkin every year. Speaking of pumpkins, I did want to add that my miracle pumpkin that I saved from last year has finally died. It started getting icky a couple weeks ago and I decided it was time to say goodbye.

2. My sock monkey

I have had a slight obsession with sock monkeys ever since that Kia commercial came out last year. I kept saying that I wanted one, but never wanted to spend the money. For our wedding anniversary, Hubby surprised me with a handmade sock monkey that we saw months earlier. The day he gave it to me was a very stressful and emotional day for me so it was the perfect surprise to snuggle up with. Ever since then, he always reminds me to hug the sock monkey when I'm having a bad day. (Eww...can I be any more pasty on our anniversary in August?)
3. My car in the garage
My car is back in the garage! After some small projects, we finally have everything cleaned up so I can park in there. Just as it's getting cold, I needed this! I parked outside for 5 years at our old house and I'm so glad not to have to do that anymore.

4. My BFF, Kitty
He's there for me through thick and thin giving unconditional love.

5. Bravo TV
Seriously, what would we do without our daily fix of trash, drama and reality shows?
What are you thankful for today?


  1. What a great idea! I just love that you're doing this. :) I'm also SO thankful for parking in the garage (I suppose only a Midwest girl could relate!) -- I parked outside for a few years at our old house and it's torture in the winter! And I MUST admit that I'm also VERY thankful for Bravo too :)

  2. Such a great idea!
    I might copy that...hope you don't mind!

  3. The miracle pumpkin died? WOW! I feel like we should've had some kind of service or something. HA! It had a good long life!

    What a sweet Hubby to get you that sock monkey! So cute! Love your top in that picture. CUTE!

    Have a great day!

  4. why didn't you tell me you posted this?! come post your link in the comments so that when i link to other parties, it'll be there.

    i didn't realize that was what your blog title was about...i like it that much more now. clearly you know what i mean about trying to focus on the positive, and you totally "got" what i was saying about your thankful things-they are specific and spot on! thank you for that! you rock.

    "hate fall b/c it turns into winter"-i feel the same way about spring, b/c it turns into the dreaded heat and humidity filled summer!

  5. First, I have to say that I love the name of your blog! I think that pursuing happiness is totally an active choice, and I love that this post focuses on all the things you're thankful for. =)
    Second--I LOVE the dress you're wearing in that second picture! Beautiful.

  6. Good to take a moment to be thankful for Bravo tv shows :) I would have to agree with that one for sure - but I'd add in the Style Network as well. Plenty of great trashy and reality shows there too!

  7. Sometimes you never know what you are thankful for until you lose it. I have had to park outside for a year and I think when I finally get back into a garage, I will be eternally thankful for it. Great idea for a post!

  8. We're having a snow day just sitting around watching movies! I'm thankful to have a nice relaxing day!

  9. I also love all pumpkin things, candles, food, decorations :) I can't believe you had a real pumpkin last that long, it's crazy! I still need to clean out my garage to get my car in there...I should be doing that today, we are having beautiful weather this weekend!

  10. I love Sock Monkeys! I had one when I was little and once I broke my leg and the doctor put a cast on my leg and my monkey's tail. Isn't that cute?

    You should check out my etsy store, I have some pretty cute sock monkey magnets! ;)

    I am thankful for lazy Sundays and good coffee!


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