Monday, March 21, 2011

Felt Flower Spring Wreath

After the popularity of the felt heart wreath for Valentine's Day, I wanted to do a new version for spring. It was pretty easy to do and doesn't require much thinking, so it's a fun craft to do while you watch tv!

• foam wreath
• small pieces of felt for flowers
• approx. 1/3 yd. felt to wrap the wreath
• dressmaker pins (standard pins are too long and will go through to the other side)
• Elmer's or Tacky glue
• ribbon for hanging

I started out by cutting strips of felt to wrap around the wreath. My strips were about 1" wide, but I didn't measure each one. I just tried to make them all the same and it worked great. The more strips you have, the more gluing you have to do, so I would suggest using long pieces of felt to make these.
Using glue, I started wrapping felt around the wreath and overlapping each piece a little.
Keep going...
I tried to keep all the ends of the strips on one side of the wreath so they would be hidden.
Here's the finished wreath
For the flowers, I used a mug to trace circles onto the felt.
Each of my flowers is made of 3 circles and I used 4 different colors.
To make each flower, I folded the circle in half.
And then in half again
I used a pin to attached them to the wreath.
I just attached and moved them around until I was happy with how they looked.
The pins can be hidden if you arrange them correctly
To hang the wreath, I added a ribbon on the back and pinned it in place.
Here's my finished wreath! Happy Spring!


  1. I literally gasped when seeing this! it's PERFECT. really perfect. the brightness of it... the subtlety of flowers... perfect!!

  2. I love this - I am getting ready to redo mine but Im not sure what I want to do. Yours came out great!

  3. What an awesome wreath! It is so cute!!! Love, love, love - Happy Spring!

  4. I love your wreath - and so easy!! Thanks for your nice comment on my Spring wreath at Redo 101.

  5. Haha I love that I clicked on this on a link party this morning thinking "how cute!" and it took me to your blog :)

  6. A craft where I don't have to think? Brilliant!! This is the perfect craft for me!

  7. Very cute! Love the use of felt!

    Stopping by from Sumos Sweet Stuff!


  8. So pretty! I love the spring colors! Saw you on made by you Monday. Lovely blog! I am now a follower!

  9. This is so cute! Great idea! I love how you use pins too because you could later change the colors of the flowers but keep the wreath! Great idea!

  10. Yet again I go ahhh that looks so easy and so cute. Then I say I'm going to do it, who the heck am I kidding. Really I'm just lying to myself ... lol :)

    As always my dear you rock!

  11. um, LOVE this! Super cute and simple. Think I might have to do this one! I'm a new follower!

  12. Oh the colors - so pretty and just perfect for Spring. The way you make the ruffley flower sis fabulous.

  13. It turned out beautifully!! I love that happy green colored felt. I would love it if you would link this up to my Marvelous Mess party. Each party I pick one project to feature on my sidebar for a week!! Here is the link:

  14. Very cute! I was looking for inspiration to make a new spring wreath. This is it!!

  15. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Had to check out yours and I am seriously loving that wreath. The colors are perfect!

  16. I decided to feature this today in my Spring round up!

    xoxo, Jenny

  17. That little wreath of yours sure is cute! Love the colors! I found you after you visited my blog - nice to meet you!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  18. Looks awesome! I'm making a yarn wreath in the same color as your felt and I was going to add the same style of flowers. Thanks for the visual to use as a guide. It looks fantastic!

  19. So pretty and perfectly cheerful! Now if only spring would get here and stay (woke up to a dusting of snow). I'm ready for warmer temps and sunny days.

  20. This is really cute! i like the felt flowers a lot! i made a wreath kind of similar to this. you can see it on my blog:

  21. I love this! Simple and perfect, definitely bookmarking it! Saw this at Tidy Mom

  22. Lisa-

    Your color choice is amazing. I love how simple those flower look!

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday! Hope you can make it back this week {party opens wed. night @ 8pm CST}

  23. Lisa, I love the soft Spring colors, and your ingenious coffee-mug stencil!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiration at "A Little Birdie Told Me..."


  24. This is so pretty! I love that you covered the whole thing in felt (not just the flowers). And your blog header is gorgeous!

  25. What a cheery happy vision to see right before stepping inside! Lovely as usual.


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