Saturday, December 12, 2009

A glittery, yummy Hanukkah!

And the last Hanukkah crafts of 2009 are here! See my glittery Hanukkah banner and then scroll to the bottom of the post for a tasty Hanukkah treat idea!

This banner is super cute and glittery and cost me almost NOTHING to make! I want to thank Centsational Girl for my inspiration on this.

scrapbook paper
spray glue
hole punch

I started out by picking some pretty patterned scrapbook paper. Want FREE scrapbook paper? See my secret tip on this post.

I made a template for the banner shape that I wanted. Using the template, trace your shapes and cut them out.
Then I used spray glue to attach the pieces together.

Glue tip: It's the most messy and annoying to use, but spray glue works the best. Elmer's glue, rubber cement, and other adhesives tend to come apart after awhile. Spray glue has always worked the best for me and it's what we use at work for professional signage and mockups.

Punch holes in the top corners of each shape.
After playing with fonts for awhile, I decided on simple Futura since it would be easiest to read from far away. Print your letters and cut them out.

And now the messy part...
Use spray glue to lightly spray your letters.

Dip each letter into glitter and tap off the excess.Then use spray glue to attach your letters to the background shape.

Next I cut ribbon to attach each piece together. Each ribbon piece is about 5" and then I cut longer pieces for the ends so the banner can be hung.
Tie your letters together. In order to keep the paper from ripping once it's hanging, I wanted to create a little extra space in each knot, so I used a pencil to hold the space and then pulled it out once I tied the bow.

Hang and enjoy!
(Hopefully next year this can be hung on the mantle that we're working on now...)

I had to post this awesome cupcake menorah recipe to show you. How cute is that? I wish I would have had time to make them!

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  1. you do such BEAUTIFUL work. You ought to submit your work to One Pretty Thing. I see a lot of Christmas crafts out there (like mine..) but not many Hanukkah. Yours would be an asset!


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