Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family room progress & a 47" new toy

Things have been a little slow in December since we got so busy with the holidays. Now that all the festivities have died down, we've had more time to work.

We got the tile put on the hearth...and then decided to rip out 3 weeks of work because we didn't like how it looked. And then we had to buy more tile which turned into a nightmare as all the stores seemed to be out of our color. A 45-minute drive to find more tile and we were back on track!

So here's the Durock covering some of the brick and then we tiled over it. We also discovered it helps to make a fire while we work since it gets so COLD without doors on!

More tile on the hearth after we ripped out the first attempt.
I cut all the old glue off the back of the fireplace doors. We'll probably be painting the doors soon so they match better.

Over the weekend, we picked up our new toy! A 47" LCD LG tv!

We set it up in another room so we could enjoy it until the family room is ready for it.
We also got the wall mount up so we can hopefully mount the tv next week!
It's finally coming along!

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  1. Your hearth is lovely. Ours is brick and I'm inclined to paint it. I've just got to get up the nerve.

    Thank you so much for visiting yesterday and taking time to introduce yourself. It's so nice to meet you.


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