Friday, December 4, 2009

Make your own ruffled scarf!

I'm so excited to show you this fun scarf I just made! (My design is adapted from this blog.)
It looks complicated, but it was really pretty simple.

You'll need:
knit jersey fabric
matching thread
stretchy thread
sewing machine

*Note: I was only able to find stretchy thread in black and white, so be aware that it might show on your scarf. Pick a fabric color that will look good with the black or white thread.

Cut your fabric into a long 5" x 80" strip. If you don't have a piece long enough, you can sew together a few pieces in order to make it 80 inches long.

I pieced together about 5 sections in order to make the 80 inch strip of fabric.

Mark or pin about 1 inch from each edge so you can see where you'll need to sew.

Now set up your sewing machine. The top of the machine needs regular thread and use your stretchy thread on the bottom in the bobbin. (I would test your machine and make sure it will sew using the stretchy thread. Mine took a little experimenting first.)

Set your stitches to about 5 inches long. The longer, the better because it will cause the scarf to create the ruffled look you want.

At about 1" from each end of the fabric strip, sew a long straight line. The fabric will start to curl on it's own as you can see.

Then sew your second line.

Wrap it around your neck and you're done!

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