Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make Your Own Deli Pickles

There's a certain flavor of pickle that I love and you can't find it in stores. It's the Kosher deli pickle taste that I love and it's so hard to find a good one these days.

I did some research on deli pickle recipes and finally had a chance to try them out. Beware, it takes about a week to make these, so you have to be patient : )

(This recipe makes 4-6 small pickles)

Ingredients & Supplies:
• 4 firm pickling cucumbers
• 1 T salt
• 2 T minced garlic
• bunch of fresh dill
• 1 T coriander
• 1 T black pepper
• ice cubes
• 4 cups water
• several large jars (I used some old pasta sauce jars)

Wash the cucumber and cut the ends off

Soak the cucumbers in ice water for a few hours.

After the cucumber is done soaking, combine the salt and 3 cups of water in a large bowl.

In each jar, put as many pickles as you can inside. Then add the dill, garlic, and spices.

Pour the salt water into the jar. Fill the jar almost all the way, but leave an inch or so empty. If you need more water to fill the jar, you can add some.

Tighten the cover of the jar and turn it upside down to make sure nothing comes out.
Then tighten it again to make sure. You don't want the jar to leak while you wait for your pickles.

Place the jar upside down with a towel over it in a dark, cool place. (I'm laughing at our idea to put the pickles in our bathroom closet while we wait for the new vanity to come in. Notice the blue tape still on the floor waiting for paint!)

The next day, check the jars to make sure they didn't leak. You may need to tighten the cover again. It's difficult, but leave your pickles alone for 5 days.

After 5 days, it's finally time to get your pickles! I put mine in the fridge for a few hours to get cold before I tried them.

Enjoy! Worth the wait!
Perfect for a spring BBQ!


  1. MMmmm nothing better than a fresh tasting pickle! I will have to try this myself!

  2. Wow! Seems like a LOT of work...but I can see myself trying this! It's kind of funny (not sure why!) that you started with only 4 pickles! I would have those gone in one afternoon! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting today, and for your words on the embroidery machine..
    I'm so glad I came in today.. your pickle recipe is really good.. I'm going to make some.. I need to follow you in case you come up with another recipe!

  4. wow. I applaud you for making your own pickles! That's awesome. They look delish!

  5. Stopping over from NFF - love this idea! Great blog - I'll be back :)

  6. I bet my kids would love to try this! Thanks for the recipe, and for joining my party :)

  7. These look great! I've tried making homemade pickles, but the recipes I've used are WAY too salty. I'll give yours a try!

  8. I looooove a good pickle. Neat recipe. :) Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from Holly's party. :)

  9. Those look flat out amazing. I'm a pickle fanatic!

  10. Mmmmm..those look delicious. That is the kind of recipe I am looking for! Thanks for sharing.

  11. no vinegar? really? i may try this, but i'm very surprised there is no vinegar!

  12. That also doesn't seem like enough salt! (In addition to the lack of vinegar). I am hoping that this is safe to eat being that it sits out of the fridge with little acidity. Something doesn't seem right, but if you're still alive after eating it, I guess it work! Can't wait to try it. (And I will be trying it with way more than 4 cucumbers being that I can eat 4 in one sitting).


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