Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick & Easy DIY Belt

Wanna see one my most prized possessions?

It's this belt.

I wear this belt every single day and could not go without it. It's hard to find pants that fit perfectly so I pretty much have to wear it so I don't give anyone a peep show! A few times I thought I lost it and I just almost started crying!

So I wear this belt every day, but there are a few shirts that it doesn't work with. You can see the dark belt through light-colored shirts, so I needed a new solution.

I bought a similar style belt at the thrift store for 75 cents so I could use the metal loops. You can also buy metal D-rings at a craft store, but I didn't see the size I wanted.

I bought some 1 inch wide heavy trim from the craft store.
You could also use ribbon or a heavy fabric.
I cut the belt to the same size as my favorite black one.
Then I folded one edge over and pinned it.

I sewed two thin lines and reinforced both edges to make sure it wouldn't unravel.

Then I took the metal D-rings I bought and folded the belt fabric around them.
Again, I sewed 2 lines and reinforced both so the stitches wouldn't unravel.On unfinished edges, I like to use clear nailpolish to keep them from unraveling.

And the final product...Perfect for those light-colored shirts!

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  1. Nice! Such a good idea to use the wide trim instead of a fabric - genius!

  2. So cute and so easy to make!! Love it!


  3. I love it! The best part is that it's not bulky....that's the last thing I need in THAT area. ;)

  4. What a cute belt with endless possibilities. I have the same problem so I'm giving this a shot! Thanks for sharing!



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