Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From old curtain to springy, cute scarf!

I'm loving all of the pretty, light scarves out for spring this year! But paying a lot for a simple scarf? NO WAY! So I found this really pretty textured fabric from a thrift store for $2- and it's actually an old curtain!

I cut a 70" x 9" piece of fabric for the scarf.

Then I cut small 2" x 18" strips of fabric for the ruffles. I used 2 strips for each ruffle by layering 2 pieces on top of each other.

To make ruffles the easy way, I thread my machine with white thread on the top and elastic string in the bobbin. (For more thorough instructions on how to create ruffles, see my winter scarf post where I explain everything in detail.)

Then I set the machine for the widest stitch (5.0) to create the ruffles.

Layering 2 strips on top of each other, I sewed each strip along the middle to create the ruffle. Once all the ruffles were done, I pinned them to the scarf.

Then I switched my machine back to normal thread and a normal stitch width to sew the ruffles to the scarf.

Add as many ruffles as you'd like!

The sheer fabric is perfect for spring!


  1. Very resourceful! I love all your scarves by the way, almost makes me wish it was winter again. Almost.

  2. I would have never thought of that in a million years. Original thinking...and very lovely!

  3. I really like the ruffle detail, and that you are making something useful again. Great job!

  4. I really like your scarf. And I noticed we have the same sewing machine! Do you love yours? I sure do. :) Thanks for stopping be and leaving a sweet comment.

  5. So cute and clever! Love the light, frothy look of the curtain/scarf! Great re use.

  6. A smart way to keep the scarf look going when the weather is warm. Glad to have found a fellow crafty;) I'm now a follower & hope you'll stop by mine too.


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