Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bye-bye flip phone...hello DROID!

Just trying to figure out how this darn thing works!

Does anyone have any apps they would recommend?


  1. Congratulations, what a great device!

    If you hike/bike/run, check out "MyTracks" an application from Google that will record your path and let you see elevation, average speed, and upload the results to Google Maps for you to share/link to your blog!

  2. Very jealous of your new phone. I wish we could get our new phone situation worked out!

  3. I just got the SAME one Friday night! :) Having lots of fun playing with it.

    I've been using Facebook and my email mostly. My hubs got an app called Battery Doctor that tells you what your battery life is like. I don't have any others...except the Star Wars Lightsaber (we're nerds) and the Fandango app (and we're movie buffs) Let me know what you find :)!

    I did have an extreme space cadet moment...for two days looking for the ?'s beneath the delete key and one over on the key just in case you're looking too! LOL

  4. EEK!! How exciting!! I've heard good things about it but have no advice. I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time though!

  5. Oooh, so cool! I've been wanting one of those. Let us know how you like it!


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