Friday, June 4, 2010

These socks were made for walking

So you know how I've been into running lately, right? I kept beating my running records and was getting so pumped about it.

Well, I hurt my knee : ( I really don't know exactly what I did, but it's the same knee I sprained when I was 13 and I've had some pain on and off ever since then. But I think it's worse than it's ever been. I've been trying to rest it, but it makes me sad.

A friend suggested I get some shoe inserts from a running store a few weeks ago and it's made a HUGE difference! The pain is almost gone and I feel like I run normally now.

Anyway, on a good note, I have to rave about my new socks! I really never thought socks would make a difference when running. But I've been hearing about moisure-wicking socks and how great they are, so my parents got me a few pairs for my birthday.

And how fricking cute?!? I love the little colored logos to match my outfit : )

I gave them a try the other day thinking I wouldn't notice a difference at all. Running seemed normal, but when I went to change back into my work clothes, I realized my feet felt better. They weren't sweaty at all! It was so much nicer to change back into work clothes and not feel so gross.

So give them a try! I recommend them! (BTW, no one paid me to endorse these socks...I just like them.)

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  1. My brother is into running and I was shocked to learn about special socks. I thought he was crazy at first. But apparently it does make a difference! oh, the things you learn...

  2. Its amazing what a good pair of socks can do for your feet! I've been wearing bamboo socks for years now, and they are so comfortable and keep my feet nice and dry. I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. Have a great weekend!

  3. Stopping by for New Friend Friday :) You're definitely right about having some nice athletic socks - they really do make a difference! Hope your knee is feeling much improved asap.

  4. Those are some cute socks!
    Thanks for stopping by. I love opening my windows in May too. Lately it's been too hot (too hot for June that is). I hope it cools off a little before the real heat of summer. Too much a/c just feels stale.
    The buttefly kit we used is by

  5. I am in the market for new socks will have to look for them. thanks for stopping y my blog.

  6. Coming from New Friend Friday! Cute socks.

  7. Thanks for the review. Who couldn't use a comfy pair of socks. Selection is so overwhelming too! Stopping by from New Friend Friday!

  8. My girls play lots of ball....we are always looking for good socks....thanks for sharing.


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