Monday, June 14, 2010

Runner's Hair?

I just made up a new term called runner's hair. Maybe some of you know about this horrible condition. You go for an awesome run and feel great. Then you realize your hair is completely knotted and a huge mess! I have to spent so long combing out all the knots and I end up losing so much hair in the process.

So does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to solve it?

My hair won't stay in a bun because it slips out when I'm running. Any ideas?

Save my ponytail!


  1. Detangler? My hair is super thin, and it's always falling out after exercise or's really ridic. Detangler (especially the ones for kids because they smell really nice) has saved me countless hours of pain.

  2. My hair is super thick, so I always have to use two (or three!) ponytail holders to keep it up in a messy bun while running!

  3. Can you do a half turn with the holder? Like, instead of pulling your hair all the way through, stop halfway to make a big loose bun. Not sure if that makes sense or is doable...

  4. I bought a wide tooth hair comb. When I first get into the shower I wet my hair and then under the water i gently from the bottom up comb it out. Make sure you do it gently because you hair is more fragile when its wet. I do this again after I put in the conditioner. Hope this helps you!

  5. Based on your pics it looks like I have hair like you, and the answer is FRENCH BRAID! If you do one tight enough, it stays in place the whole run, and it doesn't bounce around and work its way out. The key of course is that you have to be able to french braid your hair, but I'm telling you, if you can, it's a life saver!

  6. My husband got a couple of super grippy Goody pony tail holders in one of his race packs and gave them to me. They are THE BEST for holding all of the little stray hairs that fall out of my ponytail (unless I use a ton of product - yuck.)

  7. I am not a runner but whenever I want to keep my hair up and away I do a Heidi braid.

    My hair is really heavy and slick and pony tails or buns not only tend to slip but they put too much strain in my head and cause headaches.

    Braiding my hair this way is the most comfortable way to keep it up and out of the way while I am working.

    I looked around and found this video tutorial that shows how to do it.


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