Monday, October 11, 2010

My Favorite Fall Recipes

I wanted to share some of my favorite fall goodies from the past year.
They're all so good that it's hard to pick!

Low Fat Pumpkin Fluff

Low Fat Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

Pumpkin Pecan Bread

Apple Maple Glazed Chicken

Amazing Pecan Pie

And by the way, I may just need to go on strike from looking at food blogs until after the holidays. There is SO much yummy stuff out there and you all make me wanna pig out!

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  1. YUM! I was so excited to find canned pumpkin at the store last night. YEA! I'm with ya on the food blogs. I don't want to gain another five pounds over the next 3 months like I did last year!

  2. oh I love pumpkin fluff! it's sooo good!

  3. omg, these recipes are to die for! i've been craving pumpkin things and haven't had any yet!


  4. That pumpkin fluff looks so tasty!!

  5. oh yum to it all!!!! looks so good!

  6. I appreciate the lowfat recipes, at this time of year we need to try and cut calories when we can!

  7. this all looks so good...and i echo the low-fat calorie thanks! your pumpkin pie looks like it waltzed out of a magazine...gorgeous! i am curious to try the angel food cake too. thank you for linking up to tuesday night supper club!

  8. That pumpkin angel food cake sounds really good.

  9. These all look so yummy! I'm excited to try the pumpkin angel food cake & fluff :) Visiting from Tuesday Night Supper Club. And I'm now a follower :)

  10. The apple maple glazed chicken looks wonderful. Fall is full of so many delicious flavors!

  11. that pie looks unbelieveable. I only wish I had enough time to do more baking but since I don't I can happily browse all the food blogs and look at the mouth watering stuff I don't have time to make!

  12. apple maple chicken. Already loving it just by the title. I'll be back to try that one :)

  13. I loved your comment on Modern Country Style.

    I also am ashamed to admit going on and on and on to my husband by incessant questions about paint colours!!

    I think hecan never understand why it matters so much and I can never understad how it can *not* matter to him!


  14. Great list of Fall recipes!

    I've enjoyed discovering your blog and browsing through it....soooo many wonderful recipes, crafts and treats!!!

    Happy Sunday!


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