Sunday, November 15, 2009

The "I'm sick" virgin daquiri smoothie

It finally happened.

I caught the cold that's been going around. Yuck!

But at least this sore throat and runny nose means I can make this fun daquiri smoothie idea I've been thinking about. I HATE tea and I know that's good when you're sick, but this is SO much better! (This is also great for a healthy snack)

1 can frozen Bacardi strawberry daquiri mix
handful of blueberries or other fruit
1 yoplait vanilla yogurt cup (6 oz.)
handful of ice

Put frozen daquiri mix in the blender.
Fill the daquiri mix container with water and pour into the blender.
Add blueberries or other fruit, ice, and yogurt to the blender.
Blend until ice is crushed.
Wet the top of your glass using a wet paper towel.
Pour some sugar on a plate and then dip your wet glass rim in the sugar.

Pour blended drink into glass and enjoy!

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