Friday, November 20, 2009

Pioneer Woman book signing!

Those of you who are into the blogging world may have heard of Pioneer Woman (AKA Ree Drummond). She's a very talented blogger, photographer, cook, and writer going on a tour of the country to promote her cookbook. She had a book signing at the Barnes & Noble near me, so I had to go check it out.

It was madness! This is only about half the people that were there. There was a huge crowd behind me and on the second floor that wrapped around.

I got there early at 6:00 pm so I would have a good spot for the book presentation. The seats were already all taken. She came out at 7:30 for a quick Q&A session and then began signing books. Umm...apparently, we were supposed to pick up numbers for the book signing, but I didn't know this because I came in the back door of the store. So I got #191 even though I was there pretty early.

So we got in line and waited. And waited...

The line hardly moved.

I really regretted wearing heels after a full day at work and an hour at the gym.

We waited even more.

4 hours later, my back was killing me and my feet were screaming. I couldn't handle it anymore and had to get home so I could sleep for a few hours before work the next day. I was really sad I didn't get to meet her, but I was just too tired.

However, I heard she did stay to meet every last person so I applaud her for that. There are a lot of authors and celebrities that leave a signing while there's still a line and end up with a lot of disappointed fans. Although I didn't get my book signed, it was a fun experience and I wish Ree the best on the rest of her tour and congratulations on her success!


  1. Oh that stinks that you didn't get your book signed! She's coming to Austin next week and I'm going to have to leave work early so I can get there in time.

  2. Make sure you get there early and get in line! Have fun! : )


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