Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lighting the way to 2010

As you know, we bought into a "70's-chic" house. Right when we moved in, one of the things we knew we would be changing was all the brass. Nasty! Now that it's warm out, we decided to tackle the exterior sconces.

Here are the brass-tastic sconces before...

And the scary light by the back door...

And now our pretty new satin nickel sconces...

So much better and it makes a huge difference!
1 brass task down, many more to go!

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  1. Yay! Looks great!! *but I'm biased cuz I have the same lights : ) *
    btw saw your cheese stuffed meatballs on The Girl Creative this morning - why do you always have to make me drool like that?!
    happy wednesday!

  2. Wow!! That really does make a huge difference!! They look great!

  3. I love it, Lisa! We have some yucky outside lights like that too -- and now I want to change them right now! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. That's so pretty! I'm not much on the shiny brass stuff either!!

  5. Amazing what a difference that can make huh? We changed ours out last summer...ours were the same as your first before...brass sconce ugh!!! I love the look of brushed nickel!


  6. I love it!!! Gorgeous choice! They do make such a difference don't they? We rent and I am considering doing something similar just because what is here is driving me crazy! Argh!

    Thank you for sharing your progress...isn't it fun to celebrate points of success along the way? :-)

    P.S....I am becoming your newest follower...Love your blog!

  7. hi there. i came by thru serenity now - I LOVE the new light fixtures. the nickel looks stunning.

  8. Hi, Lisa! I'd love to keep your link on my party list, but I need you to add a link back to my blog please. Thanks!

    The new light fixtures made a world of difference. I really do like that satin nickel look! :) Great Progress!

  9. I can't believe what changin the lights does to a house. I am a HGTV addict and I love what a difference it makes when they change a light. Love the nickel. Of course, we know they will change us back to brass in 10 years. See what people are doing with their brass chandeliers by painting them, I wish I had hung onto mine! But where would I store them?

  10. oh, the brass!! We have an absolute infestation of it! My hubs has so wonderfully replaced all our old brass trimmed ceiling fans with such less shiny ones! It's making me happy, so I know your lights must be making you happy!

  11. O.K. The new light looks nice, But, I LOVE YOUR TIED BATHROOM MATTS. I can hardly wait to make one. Thank-you for the idea and tutorial.

  12. Wow - that looks great! Did you do it yourself? I need to change my porch light asap! UG CITY!

  13. I am so digging your sconces! What a big difference they make. I bet you're "lit up" about them ( -:

  14. hehe...yes! Brass be gone! The fixtures make a great improvement. :)


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