Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Bread

Time for another attempt at the breadmaker! The grocery store had BOGO strawberries last week so it was the perfect time for me to try this recipe.

• 1 1/4 c fresh strawberries, diced (save about 1/4 c of the juice for the recipe if you have any)
• 1/2 c vegetable oil
• 1 t baking soda
• 2 eggs
• 1/2 t baking powder
• 1 t cinnamon
• 1.5 c all-purpose flour
• 1 c sugar
• 1/2 c chopped pecans

In a large bowl, mix the oil, eggs, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, flour, and sugar.

Add in the pecans, strawberries and strawberry juice.

Pour the mixture into the bread machine.

Set the machine on the Quick Bread cycle and wait impatiently while your yummy bread bakes.

This bread smells amazing as it bakes! Enjoy!


  1. Bread looks great!! I keep thinking what the smell of strawberry bread is? Its gotta be great! thanks for stopping by!

  2. Mmmmm....Yes, please! Sounds delicious!

  3. I so wish I still had my bread machine!! I've seen several recipe for strawberry bread and I'm going to have to make some!

  4. Love, love, love my bread maker. This looks delish and I will definetly try and let you know how it goes. I made a zuchinni bread recipe in my bread maker over the weekend and will probably blog about it next week. Thanks for posting, can't wait to get some strawberries and give this a try.

  5. Oh Lisa! You are so pretty!

    This looks fantastic!

  6. It's in the bread maker now...I'll update.


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