Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Girly Hanger Hair Bow Holder

I might do have a small addition to baby headbands and bows.  It's so fun to make them and she look so darn cute in them!  Here's a few of the ones I've made for her in the last couple of months: upcycled t-shirt headbands and flower headbands.  The number of hair bows is started to get out of control and she's only 3 months old, so I decided it was time for some organization.  I wanted something that I could hang in her closet so it would be out of the way, but it would also be easily accessible and I would be able to see all her hair accessories at one time.
(I apologize for the photos that are kinda dark.  That's what happens when I get super busy and it's rainy on the one day that I have a few minutes to get some photos done!)

This idea is a combination of several different ones I've seen before and I just mixed them together to create my own concept.  I took a padded hanger from her closet to use as the base.

At the craft store, I found this little wooden tag for less than $1 that would work perfectly for her name.

I painted the wood yellow and then printed out her name in a pretty font.

Using my easy pencil trick, I transferred her name to the wood.

I used a silver marker to trace over the pencil.

To hang the ribbon from the hanger, I used my glue gun.  My warning with this is to make sure you glue it very well and you might even consider using super glue.  Mine broke after a couple days, so I had to redo it.  But I also have WAY too many hair bows for a 3 month old baby!

To add a little extra flair, I added a pretty bow to the top of the hanger.

Of course, I'm going to move this into her closet, but it works well on her doorknob for pictures.  I love it and it's so easy to grab a bow and go!

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake Dip

This is amazing.

And it's addicting.

I made it for a mom's night out recently and it was gobbled up in no time by my friends!  The recipe is from here, but I doubled the white chocolate chips to 2/3 cup for some extra sweetness.  I brought Nilla wafers to use as dippers and they worked perfectly.  Even if you don't cook, this is super easy to make and will impress everyone!

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