Friday, December 14, 2012

Surfing Santa Hawaiian Office Christmas Decorations

I've seen a few different blogs that talked about decorating for the holidays at work.  It's hard to come up with something unique, but still appropriate for work decorations.  At our office, we started a department decorating contest last year, and we all work really hard to be the winning group with a really unique idea.

After many brainstorming sessions, we decided to go with the Tiki Tidings & Surfing Santa theme.  This was a huge labor of love and we spent many, many hours perfecting our design.  I'm so proud of how it turned out!
The surfing Santa is on foam core and hanging from the ceiling.
Santa Seahorse with his sleigh of fish
North Pole Beach with suntanning Santa
Melted snowman hangin' out on the beach...until he melted!
All of the interior aisles with cubes were decorated like this with the sand, water, green fringe, colored lights, and random fish with Santa hats.

Did anyone do anything really creative for their decorations this year?  We already need to start planning for next year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Stuffed Fleece Penguins

Aren't they the cutest? 
 I'm so in love with them!

I can't take credit for this pattern.  I used a book called Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals by Linda Carr.  The penguin pattern comes in the book and then I enlarged the pattern to make them much bigger.  I also added the glittery silver ribbons around their neck to make them a little more festive.

They're so adorable on by the fireplace for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Footprint Christmas Ornaments

Since we just finished a Hanukkah Menorah hand print craft, we had to do a Christmas footprint craft for the other half of the family!

This was really simple to do (in the bathtub) and it came out really cute!  I bought some clear plastic ornaments from the craft store and we used acrylic paint for the footprint.  After the footprint dried, I added the mistletoe berries and words with a paint pen. 

On the other side, I wrote his name and the date so we can look back at it every year.  I also made a few extra to give the relatives for gifts this year.
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