Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fur-Trimmed Tree Skirt Tutorial

Tree skirts are super expensive and there aren't very many cute ones to choose from, so I wanted to make my own. I was a little scared to do this because I had no idea what I was doing, but it turned out to be very simple and only cost me about $16 to make.

To save majorly on fabric, I bought a red damask tablecloth from Walmart for $9. Plus, it's already a perfect rectangle so that means less measuring later on!
Excuse Kitty's toys and our doormat as I try to cut a perfect square from the tablecloth. The easiest way is to fold one corner in to make a square and then cut the excess off. You'll need the extra piece later on.
Hubby helped as we marked the center of the square of fabric. Then we used a yard stick and rotated it around in a circle at 25 inches for the radius. I put a dot every couple inches to form a circle.
To make the hole in the center for the tree, we did the same thing at 3 inches from the center.
Once the circles were cut out, I cut one straight line to make the opening. Then I folded in the hem around the center and pinned it. I had to clip along the rounded edge as you can see.
I decided to make loops and buttons to hold the opening of the skirt closed. To make the loops, I cut some 1 inch strips of fabric and folded each edge in. Then I pressed the folds with the iron.
Once the fabric was cool, I removed the pins, folded in again and pressed.
Using a straight stitch, I sewed along the thin strips to close them. Put these aside and we'll come back to them in a bit.
Back to the skirt, I folded the edge along the skirt opening and finished it with a .25" seam allowance.
The red skirt is pretty, but I thought it needed a little accessorizing. I bought some white fur trim and pinned it along the edge of the skirt with right sides in. Then I sewed along the edge with a .25" seam allowance.

Fur was not enough so I had to add some silver trim too!
I pinned it along the crease where the skirt and fur meet.
Using the sewing machine, I used gray thread and sewed along the center of the trim. You can hardly even see the gray thread once it's done.
Ok, now back to the buttons and loops...
I bought some metal buttons and covered them with the red fabric.
I decided on three buttons to close the skirt, so I divided the radius length and pinned to mark where I wanted each button to go.
I took the fabric strips I made earlier and pinned them at the three points I marked.
Then I sewed each loop to the edge of the tree skirt.

On the other side of the tree skirt, I sewed on a button at each of the three points to meet up with the loop.Here's a finished loop and button

And here's my finished tree skirt! I'm very happy with how it turned out!
The fur is the perfect touch to make it wintery and warm

I also bought another matching tablecloth to use on the table in the next room. I'm also thinking about a table runner and matching stockings : )

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  1. Lovely! I'm working up the nerve to make my own tree skirt so I'm grateful for your helpful tips and photos.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! It turned out adorable! I need to make one. The bottom of my tree is naked right now because my skirt got wet and the red bled all over the cream and it's a big hot mess! I need to find time to try this. So cute! Great job!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Your tree skirt is really cute and I am loving the idea of using binder clips to keep the cat from breaking ornaments. My cat is the same way!

  4. Very crafty and super smart thinking using the tablecloth. The end effect looks fabulous! Thank you so much for linking this up to Homemade Christmas! :)

  5. I love red - that is so perfect! You might consider shaing it on my linky for holiday home decor that will be up throughout the season:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. WOW you did a great job! I love the tablecloth idea... very neat.

  7. Hi Lisa, I just left the answer to your question on your email. I love your treeskirt, beautifully made and finished. Using the round tableclothe for fabric was a great idea.

  8. Cute! Great idea, using a tablecloth...I'm now following :)

  9. I love it, wish I could sew :(

  10. What a fabulous idea! I'm totally going to get my mama to help me with this. Sewing is not one of my talents. HA!

  11. You did a beautiful job, that was so smart to use a table cloth, no piecing of fabric that's too narrow. The button treatment is so pretty, I'd leave it up front and make it part of the design.

  12. Amazing! I love it, so cute. Great tutorial, too! Thanks for sharing!

  13. As a novice seamstress, this still intimidates me!

    Thanks so much for linking this up to Creative Juice Thursdays!

    Hope to see you back this week!



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